Life changers and time wasters: Useful and not so useful inventions. Part 2

The best inventions fix a problem. Innovation is what keeps the human race moving forward, bettering our lives. Think antibiotics, the iphone and obviously, speaking toilets.

Some inventions prompt us to cry with delight, “How did you think of that? You genius!”

Other efforts leave us gob-smacked – “Why did you think of that?!”

Here are 5 wonderfully resourceful ideas. You decide which will make your life easier.

KRISP Noice Cancellation

You’ve just settled in to join an online meeting or class. Suddenly in the background the dog starts barking, your partner is trying to calm down shrieking kids or kids are trying to calm down your shrieking partner. Just as the next door neighbour decides to test out her new jackhammer while someone else believes now is the time to vacuum around your feet.

Meeting aborted.

2020 took online interactions to new levels. Congratulations to anyone who bought Zoom stocks in 2019. With the rapid increase in online meetings come the inevitable pros and cons.

Convenient, efficient and you can take part in your underpants, if so desired. The downside is background noise which makes video sessions tough going.

Enter KRISP Noise Cancellation. An app cleverly designed to eliminate any unnecessary noise – namely anything other than your voice.

KRISP uses A.I. technology to identify your voice and to then mute any other noises or echos.

Industrial tools, domestic tantrums and everything else are all blissfully drowned out. If it can also be applied to workplaces and public transport to spare us from listening to distracting dribble then this is truly a life saver.

Vocera Smartbadge

During medical procedures it’s often necessary for doctors and nurses to contact fellow medical experts. This would mean having to remove gloves, make the call and then scrub up again.

Time consuming and not ideal for complicated and urgent situations.

Vocera’s Smartbadge allows medical staff to continue working while utilizing the nifty hands-free device.

Worn like a necklace or strapped onto the uniform, the Smartbadge is voice-activated and workers can quicky exchange information on the job.

Not surprisingly it has been embraced during the COVID period and will continue to grow in use.

Pinter Home Brew

Thirsty? Of course you are. If going to the pub for a few choice ales isn’t an option and you’re not a massive fan of canned or bottled beers then start licking your lips.

From the UK, a place that knows a thing or two about pubs, comes the portable pub – Pinter Home Brew sets.

It’s for those that have pondered making home brew but couldn’t be stuffed with the fiddly arseing around that goes with it. It’s also for those who’ve actually bothered to make home brews but are seriously over the prep and cleaning up.

The Pinter comes in a slick keg with ingredients ready to go. You simply follow the instructions, push “GO” and you’re done.

The Pinter capacity is 10 pints – a decent session for 2 people and a very decent session for 1 drinker. If you find 10 pints aren’t enough then either have a good hard look in the mirror or simply buy another kit.

Your call.

Of course not every invention is fixing an obvious problem. Some inventions attempt to fix problems we didn’t even know we had and in some cases don’t have.

Never mind, it’s the creativity that counts.

Let Me Sleep Then Let Me Off Helmet

The gentle sway of a train rattling along leads many a passenger to nod off. Hard as you may try it can be impossible to keep your eyes open, especially after a taxing day at work. Even more so after 15 beers, brought on by a taxing day at work.

You close your eyes, just a few minutes, the wake up in an empty carriage at the train depot. An hour from your house and if it was the last train, not so good. It sucks, in fact.

Thank God for this handy helmet. By simply attaching the suction cap to the window, you can sink into a blissful slumber. Deep, safe sleep without lurching forward or drooling over the person next to you.

You can have your cake and eat it too. With a friendly notice alerting your fellow commuters to your desired destination all you have to do is doze off and hope some kind soul wakes you gently as you approach your stop.

Hope being the keyword here, although pity does bring out the best in people.

Daddy Knows Breast

Move over mammary glands – here are the Papa-ry glands. Why should mothers have all the fun, wondered some great thinker who then went to work creating this masterpiece.

Finally fathers, grandfathers, uncles and even perfect strangers get the chance to not only give mums a break, but to also bond with the little ones.

Stylishly designed to be worn in public as a bra, the Papa-ry Gland can be used anywhere, anytime.

Guaranteed to get plenty of looks and stares, some of them even approving. The daddy milk cups are the perfect way for a family to share the joy of a special time.

And when baby goes to sleep, Daddy can replace the milk with red wine and let Mummy drink herself to sleep too.


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